Genuine Permian Minerals™

Genuine Permian Minerals™ Magnesium Chloride is derived from the world's finest grade of natural magnesium chloride, the ancient 250 million year old underground Permian Sea deposits in North America. This sea has been hidden from humanity, and human corruption for millions of years, allowing the mineral source to remain pure and untainted.

Permian Minerals Mining Site

The magnesium chloride is extracted from over 2000 ft below the surface by gentle solution mining processes, without using harsh chemicals and additives to enhance the speed of the process. It remains in this raw, ultra pure natural state throughout manufacturing yielding a highly bio-available magnesium chloride for both dietary and topical use.

The Solution Mining Process includes pumping fresh water into the salt dome in order to leach out the Magnesium Chloride. Brine, water saturated with Magnesium Chloride, is then pumped out, further cleaned, tested and made ready to bottle as Genuine Permian Minerals™ Magnesium Chloride.

Magnesium can also be produced by a natural process of salt water evaporation from large bodies of water, such as the oceans, or large inland seas. However, the magnesium produced in this manner has been corrupted by environmental pollution and waste material, and is very much tainted even before the manufacturing process begins.

A look at the Genuine Permian Minerals™ Salt Deposits 2000ft below the surface.

Another method often used to produce magnesium would be to manufacture the product in a laboratory using hydrochloric acid and magnesium hydroxide. The product is then subjected to interactions with dangerous heavy metals and harsh chemicals. Again, this method produces corrupt magnesium.

Only using our carefully controlled processing methods can pure, beneficial magnesium be produced. It comes to you untainted not only by humans and human processing, but the very source of magnesium itself is ultra pure, untainted for millions of years.

Genuine Permian Minerals ™ is produced under very strict control methods, cGMP, ISO9001 and other government mandated standards. It remains as pure as before extraction, and is closely examined for heavy metal and other toxic material content.

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100% raw natural state Magnesium Chloride, unmatched in purity and quality.

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